Sunday, January 06, 2013

Updates schmupdates!

Just how often do you have to update a site? I'm not expecting an answer on that one, it probably "depends" and there isn't a clear cut time frame anyway, just.. "often" I suppose.. or "often enough" which is usually yearly, or bi-yearly or quarterly even depending on various things about the site which I can't figure out.

My personal answer is "too bloody often". I think that some of them update just because  you're like, supposed to, so they tweak things a tiny bit, they rearrange buttons, make it look slightly different so you have to get used to things all over again, sometimes put in a new feature which is useful for someone somewhere but I've never been able to figure out who, and they always, "literally" always get rid of some universally useful, nay necessary feature which it's a no brainer that you should have. Like being able to rearrange things by date for instance. This should be on everything! Everything that comes in lists anyway.. and it should automatically go to reverse chronological in fact that's how everything should by default be ordered always without exception but what do they do instead? They get rid of the possibility of arranging your list like that at all? While adding some other useless feature that no one will ever use or want to use for anything ever, and putting a border around the buttons which pretty much exclusively looks crap.

Oh and other stuff.. but that's the example I can think of now.. but they're always doing it, always!

*goes off and grumbles about facebook and youtube and whatever*

*blogger too, no, not getting off the hook*

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