Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hopefully there won't be too much more of this going on..

It's WOTD time.

wellaway \WEL-uh-WEY\ interjection: (Used to express sorrow.)
She entered under the dome weeping and wailing, “Wellaway!"
-- edited by Leonard Charles Smither, The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night"Wellaway. My little son so dear!" So sad he was that no one could cheer up at all…
-- Marijane Osborn, Romancing the GoddessWellaway is related to the contemporary word woe. It came from the Old English phrase wā lā wā meaning "woe! lo! woe!"
So.. not the cheeriest word. More fitting to the earlier parts o the week than now, fortunately, and it is.. of course, the last day o Jan.. woo hoo! J is finally going to g.. thank goodness, in just under 5 hours, and in a bit I'll be going out to celebrate this momentous occasion by drinking with people I've never met before in a place I only vaguely know the whereabouts of.

See you in Feb.

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