Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Just a picture..

cos it's been a while since I posted one


it's drizzle.. well me, and umbrella the street.. but mostly drizzle..

there's been a lot of that here.


Ronald said...

*shuffles in sheepishly after long absence*

Given the assumption that you only publish pics you've taken yourself, did you set your camera on the ground in timer-mode, then dash up the road to pose with your umbrella?

Michelle said...

That's exactly what I did. With tripod.

Michelle said...

And I have a 10 second timer, and I can put it on shoot 3 times so I had plenty of time, I didn't really have to dash. But I'm totally posing, of course. It was just starting to rain though.

Ronald said...

The things you do for your Art. It's worth it though, very 'moody'. I'd be too lazy to carry my tripod around so I'll never have such shots, and of course, I don't like to feature in my own shots [something to do with not being photogenic]