Saturday, January 05, 2013

A secure little bubble

It's day 5 o this year.. '13, yes.. I can write it, I'm coming to terms with having to look at it for a whole year.. and well.. been very quiet. It's generally quiet at this time, fewer people packing onto the trams, walking on the streets, in shops, in bars etc.. particularly in the center where the tourists were hanging out, but in general as well.

Very quiet for me, no surfers anymore, no pubbing or visiting well less than around the silly season which was after all invented for that sort of thing, but still some because I'm me and that's what I do. Pubbing that is, not visiting.

So last night was a momentary slice of a not exactly exiting, or interesting, or at all eventful life but a tiny bit of.. not something happening but going to a place that isn't here to do something other than read and stuff on the internet, so something. Just a quiet drink, in a quiet bar, then another drink in another not too busy bar, and a tram ride home, and another drink with a friend we ran into in the bar in this building.

That would have been quiet if it was not for the argument and the blood shed while we're enjoying a few beers and conversation. Only a few tiny drops really, I didn't notice until they were being mopped up. Still, an event. Not happening to me but on the peripheral of my existence, I suppose. It did't quite penetrate the bubble.

Today, it's been the usual. A phone call from someone who had an adventure last night.. to do with behaving deliberately foolish, cops, arrests, and a warm place for the night if not the most comfortable. Someone I know very well, who I see very often and indeed did just yesterday.. and still, outside of the bubble.

So things are happening. Despite the Janness of it all, the dull drizzly weather and lack of hustle and bustle and celebration, life continues, shit happens, even interesting, nay exiting shit.. and right up close to me.. sometimes almost bursting the bubble, but they don't.


Erikland said...

You're a bubble girl! A girl that lives in a bubble!

Michelle said...

what's a bubble girl?