Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stuff Actually Happens Here Sometimes . Part 2.

Ok, so we left off last time some time yesterday.. I think. Or was it the day before. I remember I was poorly.

So.. all Saturday I was sick, and I mean all Saturday, right up to the night. It was quite unpleasant. Our friend, the one that just returned after a long absence, the one who went went to meet at the train station (meet his bus that is, don't ask) and the one that we went drinking with afterwards stayed with our other friend, the one with the dog, the one I hadn't seen for ages who I bumped into the other day that he was due to show up and to everyone's (sorta) surprise he did show up. On a bus, at the train station but that's not the point here.

Anyway, he stayed there all day and all night which I was fine with, being more than usually unwell and not up to company, but I kept getting messages and calls from different people via sms or skype or whatever re his future employer's phone number and stuff.. I forwarded some, got some other weird requests to find someone else on skype to call them and after a day I think they still hadn't called the guy.

Well.. sometime after midnight when I was in bed and just starting to feel better I got a call from him saying he'd spoken to the guy and he'd come by tomorrow firmly at.. some time. Here he'd pick up his stuff and the guy could come and take him to his new home. Fine.

Of course yesterday.. the day we're up to now, didn't go that smoothly. We got a call first when we were still in bed, and by the time Erik got some clothes on and was down the stairs at the front door they were gone.. just a second after I heard a familiar voice singing the Monkees theme..

A bit later he came, drunk. The other dude was due to come a few hours later and we'd also decided to get some plumbing done at some point during the day but that part actually worked out smoothly and well. Our drunk friend ate and showered finally and was ready to go when the messages started coming again, a friend on skype said the guy who was picking our friend up had been here but missed us.. I thought he'd had my number but apparently someone gave him the wrong one.

Anyway... we had a drunk guy passed out on the couch most of the day, a bunch of bags and crap all over the place while more messages and skypes and calls came through.. he woke up in the evening, we had dinner and he expressed delight at seeing his favourite fork again.. and had a few more drinks. Later he wanted to go down the road to his friend's restaurant to catch up but fortunately he just fell asleep because the last schedule we'd got from the pickup guy was that he'd be here 8am.

He was here before that, actually and our friend got off safely. All his crap is out and Cooley is rather pleased.

Apart from that not much has been going on.


Ronald said...

Even more "stuff". Your life just gets better :-)

Michelle said...

Yeah.. so much stuff! It's overwhelming.