Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's the simple things..

Never let it be said that I'm a crotchety curmudgeon who not only is unable to find pleasure in anything, but will turn the seemingly most positive situations into hardship.

Well, I'm sure it would have been said if anyone paid enough attention to me to speak of me.. however...

Sometimes one can get delight from the tiniest of things, it's true. One in this instance being me. Especially after a few days of hardship.. that is, real hardship not the manufactured kind I mentioned already.

A few days ago I ran out of deodorant. The day before yesterday I squeezed the last shampoo out of the only bottle in the house.. well I'd been watering it down for a few days and using that and there was still a little left but it was mostly useless.. anyway, I took a shower, washing my hair with a tiny bit of watered down shampoo and some soap, got out, dried and hung about. Within seconds I felt like my underarms were stinking, and by the time my hair dried it felt all rubbery and a little greasy, like I hadn't washed it at all, like I hadn't even had a shower! It was horrid.

Yesterday we did a shop and along with other desirable thing like food that were needed, I purchased a brand new bottle of shampoo and deodorant. A while ago I showered, washed my hair and groomed in the usual way afterwards and I feel.. clean... like I really truly properly showered! It's really great. So see.. the little things, seemingly unimportant can make such a difference and brighten up your day.

Of course it requires you to (or at least it did in this case) to go through a major hardship beforehand.


Ronald said...

You're right, Imagine not having vinegar for your chips, or, god forbid, no remote control for the tele. I feel your pain. I'm so glad you resolved the crisis.

Michelle said...

Well, currently I have no vinegar, or chips.. though there are still some leftover roast potatoes from last night... and no mayo just tartar sauce!

And I don't even have a telly.. well we have one but discovered that it doesn't work some time ago during one of our "no comp" days... but we got the comp which we can watch stuff on.

It doesn't have a remote control :Z

But my hair's clean.

Ronald said...