Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A year ago I was working on a movie.. student film of course.. nothing to fancy, but it was the one where everything took 3 times as long as it was supposed to and we were scheduled to start at 6-8 in the evening and actually started an hour to 2 hours late... exactly a year ago I showed up early.. about 4:30 and at this time was waiting in the flat for the crew to get their lighting and shit altogether.. after a series of mishaps including it getting light for a night scene I was able to come home around 4am.. good times.

I've been trying to remember my dreams. They're always weird so I'd like to record them so I try to think about them again once I've woken up and am in a lucid state.. I kept forgetting them though so I tried doing that.. and then re-remembering them again a bit later when I was a bit more woken up but I still forget most of them and the ones I remember I can only remember pieces of and I feel like the stuff I've forgotten is better. There was one that I wrote down in enough time.. or thought about and thought about again and then wrote down, so I have the basic gist on record. I generally have a vague view of it in my head if I can remember a bit of it.. so that sorta worked.

Otherwise.. not much. I hear that volcano went off again..


Ronald said...

So what was the dream you did manage to record? Come on MC, you shouldn't tease your readership this way :-)

Michelle said...

Um.. I don't remember :Z