Sunday, May 16, 2010

A parade.. and no rain!

It's raining today. Again. It didn't rain yesterday, strangely enough. Strange in the way that "it always rains when you least want it to" and yesterday I actually was out doing outdoor stuff.. joined a scheduled parade in fact.. and it was the perfect opportunity for a rainstorm especially since it's rained every other day for the past few weeks. It was overcast, and got cold when the wind blew and it was quite a windy day so there was cause for grumbling, but at least it didn't rain on our parade.. and yes the only reason for this post is to use that sentence.

The parade was the Veggie Parade, a celebration of animals and vegetarianism and veganism. Now.. in full disclosure I'm not actually a real official vegetarian with papers.. in fact I'm not at all really, but I sort of am a de facto vegetarian in that I haven't eaten meat in.. some time now.. living with a real life vegetarian with papers.

It was pleasant, though the weather wasn't.. as I mentioned already.. exactly ideal, but not being too hot was probably good. We walked up the hill, past people who usually gawked and smiled at us, with dogs barking and music playing.. got to a park where there was supposed to be music but it took so long to start and it was a bit cold so we left before the big events started, but we did see a pretty awesome dance performance which was real.. er.. interesting. Not exactly technically excellent, nor decipherable.. or... well let's just say the guy really really believed in what he was doing. It was kind of a you have to be there sort of thing.

Apart from that.. not much. It should have been a more exciting day but unfortunately I'm kind of a lightweight.

It rained today and I stayed in all day. It was actually a pretty cool day.


Ronald said...

I think it's a cool idea to construct a post around a phrase or saying you want to use. I like the alternative version of "don't rain on my parade", the one that goes, "don't go pissing on my chips!". Not sure if that's as good, but it's different. I'm sure there are many more versions.

Michelle said...

I love it! I will remember this.. and I hope to see a post based on that one soon :)