Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The stars are crossed but at least it didn't rain..

I went to the theatre last night. Yes, I know it's no big deal, and for me, a person who's "in the biz" so to speak.. or would be if she ever actually did anything should be going to the theatre all the time supporting her "fellow" thespians. But I don't go that much.

It was Shakespeare.. *feels all cultured and stuff*.. at an outdoor theatre in VyŇ°ehrad.. and it was quite nice. In English.. and mostly with people I know. The remarkable thing about the whole evening was that it didn't rain. It's rained like EVERY SINGLE DAY this month. "Literally" every day. Well most days. Well quite a bit. Anyway as the production loomed it looked a bit grim for the company.. seeing as.. I mean you pick May for these things for a reason and when it turns out like this well... not so good.

But anyway, it runs for 3 nights and we chose last night because the forecast was good, and the chances for it being good again on any of the other nights were slim.. and it said it will be raining. And last night it was lovely! Got a bit nippy later on but only a bit and NO RAIN!

The play was cool.. wasn't quite sure what it wanted to be, weather it was supposed to be futuristic or modern urban or.. some kind of gay designer's fantasy of what modern urban is.. but there were some good bits in it, including some silliness and funny stuff.

And wouldn't you know it it's nice again tonight.. so they've dodged the bullet for another show.

Yeah.. I did something, and the weather. I'll write about something else one day. Maybe.


Ronald said...

I'm loth to visit Prague given what you tell me about the weather. You'll be saying next there's no fish n chips or real ale!

It takes ages for me to get back into Elizabethan English if I've not read or seen a Shakespeare play for a while. So that performance you visited might just as well have been performed in the local language!


Michelle said...

It was hard enough to hear it a lot of the time so the dialogue wasn't the main spectacle either way.

Michelle said...

heh.. well it's raining now.. not sure if they made it through before it started pouring :Z