Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Not much to say..


It's been a while (for me, in my present mood) since I posted. I have reasons.. not much to say really being one. My only commenter and possibly reader being away, apparently and.. NO FUCKING COMP TO WRITE ON!

Ok.. technically there isn't "no comp" literally.. no comp at home, well a comp at home which won't go online or.. etc etc etc.. I've said this before too many times and it's getting old.

I've been jaunting up to a cafe for an hour's worth of online time, or to the various libraries around for a half hour's free online time and it's kind of annoying for many reasons that I won't go into in detailed point form right now but might at some point as this subject never seems to go away.

It's getting old. Way old. Tedious. I have stuff on 3 different computers now, 2 of them inaccessible and not much to do at home, not enough time to do everything I need to do or anything I want to do.. not enough time online that is..

Oh fuck it.. this subject bores me. Next!


Anonymous said...

Thx ur share........................................

Ronald said...

Ta ra! I'm back... do I hear a ripple of applause? No? Okay, suit yer bleeding selves!

Okay, where are we... you have computer issues? Oh dear. You have my utmost sympathy. As you know, like yourself, I spend an awful lot of time "pottering" about on these infernal machines (maybe more than is good for me) and I hate, as I've recently found out, to be without internet access. This past week I didn't get online till the week was almost over and I found myself in an Internet cafe in Luxor. It wasn't the same though. Nothing compares to being at home with one's own machine. I shall pray to the cyber Gods on your behalf. Salaam (guess where I've been)

Michelle said...


Yes.. got issues. At the mo I have access to a comp in the house which is temporary and fragile.. but I have today so woo hoo! Got to sort out the problem properly for once and for all.. I'm actually supposed to be doing (smirk) um.. work :) And it's rather impossible under these circumstances.. and I so would be doing it all if I had my own computer permanently here.. sort of. And other stuff.

Ronald said...

Oh yes, of course. No need for you to say what has always been obvious - total commitment to the job!