Saturday, May 22, 2010

Not enough time in the day...

All the times I have nothing better to do than scrawl out a blog post.. and have nothing to write about.. so I either don't bother or write anyway.. then there's the times that stuff happens.. that's real stuff! Happening!

Yes this is me I'm talking about.. stuff does happen to me sometimes, but of course when stuff happens one doesn't have so much time to write. Oh the dilemma!

So. the other day a long lost friend came back to us. He was expected.. sorta. He's been planning to come back for some time and kept telling us "a month from now".. the last info we got was that he was coming in 4 days and had a ticket.. or perhaps we just assumed the ticket thing.. whatever.

Anyway. It started off as a relatively uneventful day. I was hanging about, went up the hill to buy some stuff.. took my time coming back because I stopped to take a few self portraits and coming round on my street, just as I was going to buy a few breadrolls so I could take them home and finally have something to eat, as I was looking at a cute dog across the road, the dude with the dog looked like he was waving at me and coming towards me. I didn't recognize him at first but then I thought if this particular person that I haven't seen for years has grown his hair it could be him. Well it was. So we went for a drink.

We had another drink after the first drink. I told him that our friend was due back like.. today, or whenever and he'd had no idea.

A few more drinks were had, the dog bit me when I tried to pet her, a loud roar went up as the Czech Republic scored a goal in the hockey, freaking the dog out and making her spill his beer.. and then the messages started coming in. Or perhaps they'd already started by that stage, not entirely sure. First message was.. "coming on bus at hlavni nadrazi. 9 something". Now, as hlavni nadrazi is a train station we were mildly confused. Whatever, we planned to go and meet him.

So to cut a long story not short but leaving out not all but most of the completely unimportant and uninteresting details, later on we went to the train station, tried to figure out where the buses were. We received more info 3rd or 4th hand that there was track work so he had to change from a train to bus and.. well, we looked all around for where the buses were but didn't find them. We got a couple of beers and hung around the station until we were told.. quite politely that we weren't allowed to drink in there, so we went outside, taking the opportunity to look for the buses again. Didn't find them but got a phone call and it was him.

So we all went off and got drunk. That is those of us who weren't drunk already which I think is one person.. the rest of us got more drunk. I felt rather poorly all yesterday.


Ronald said...

You lost me there, but that's easy to do. Anyway, it's good to know "stuff" happens occasionally. Anything is better than "no stuff" happening.

Michelle said...

Yeah.. unless the stuff is particularly unpleasant.. even then, it makes for a good story...

I'm quite glad the stuff of the weekend is over now.. though it wasn't particularly bad and in many cases quite fun.. just tiring for a quiet person like myself.