Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well that was fun.

You remember how I was writing about stuff for a few days, and in fact didn't write for a day or 2 because I was too busy (or too ill due to the previous day's activity) to write? And when I wrote I had to cram in tons because so much had gone on? And then I wrote again about actually doing something else rather than just rambling on about blogging about nothing? In short.. how stuff actually was happening a bit for once?

Well not anymore.

Oh well.


Ronald said...

Do you ever write comments on posts, only to find later, they're not there? That's what I did here, earlier on. I'm fairly certain you don't delete any comments, so it can only be one of two things: I wasn't paying full attention and it was asking for another word verification or, there's something horribly wrong with Blogger today. Has to be the latter!

Anyway, I was thinking, re blog posts, perhaps we all have a finite amount of things to say, and once we've exhausted that pool, we struggle. That's what it feels like to me.

Michelle said...

Yes, that happened on your blog the other week. Must be a blogger glitch, I haven't deleted any comments...

kind of annoying.. for those of us who like to write well thought out, long and interesting comments :) but what can you do..

Michelle said...

hmmm.. well. There might be a finite number of things to say, but I think there's a damn lot of it so we'll never run out.

Though it does feel like that sometimes, and then I get it back later. Or something like that.

Ronald said...

Damn it, I'm going to post today, if only to mention the weather or the state of the economy!

Michelle said...


*looks forward to post and stuff*