Wednesday, July 01, 2009

There goes July..

It's the 1st of the month, so happy July all of those inclined to celebrate. I was looking forward to it.. after the last one we had. I mean.. June was ok, nothing terrible happened, overall the usual mix of fun and boring and sucky and kinda cool. It's just that it rained. I don't mean it rained during the month.. I mean it rained all the time. And yes.. I mean literally all the time, every second of every day it rained! ALL THE FUCKING TIME! I mean there were a few breaks of sunshine here and there, a few days when it didn't rain but it was a mix of overcast and sunny and somewhere in between and days where it was all of everything through the day... pretty much every day was like that actually. But apart from that it just rained. All the time. We have looking like it's going to flood to show for it.

I had hopes though. A fresh new month brings a fresh new weather system thingy and this morning we were woken up.. well not really woken up because we put blankets and stuff over the windows to replace our other makeshift curtain system which was flimsier because the sun comes up so early.. but it was sunny, very nice for most of the early part of today.

I thought it meant the curse had been broken. It's July! It's going to be sunny now!

And then evening came and it rained. Just like it did every day in June. Bugger.

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