Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mutant Cat's wacky adventures..

Oh shit I've built it up too much. It's not that interesting really.

I was just on my way to "rehearsal", which is really practise in this Meisner thingy I'm doing. We are supposed to have these rehearsals regularly to prove that we're all dedicated and stuff, so I went to meet this guy at the park in Karlovo Namesti at 4:30. I hopped on a tram at about 4:22, easily enough time to get there, as it isn't far. Usually.

For some reason today the tram just wouldn't move. Well it did, but then it stopped. For a long time. When it got to Namesti Miru, the stop just down the road about 5 minutes later a lot of people got off. I thought, I ain't getting off this thing, I've already committed myself to going on the tram and I'm gonna get there on the tram dammit!

I changed my mind as soon as the doors closed and decided then that I wanted to get off and walk, but being a tram in motion, at least officially if not in the traditional sense of the word, that being "moving", the doors were closed. So I had to wait until we got to I.P.Pavlova, the next station which is a couple of metres from the Namesti Miru. During that time I got a message from the guy I was meeting, telling me exactly where in the park he was, so I wrote back saying that I was stuck on a slow tram, and would be there soon. He wrote back saying he was going to go ahead and start his activity. Brilliant.

It took about 10 minutes to move between those two stations. As soon as it stopped and opened the doors I ran out, and had to wait to cross the road as the light just went green for the cars as I got there. I waited, and crossed the road, then I ran until the next crossroad where naturally, the cars started moving just when I got there.

I took off my shoes, my little heeled sandals which are no good for walking in, let alone running in, and took off the overshirt I was wearing, oh and did I mention it was hot? It was hot. I ran, barefoot carrying my shoes, my shirt and my bag on the dirty hot street.

I got there pretty quickly, feeling hot and flushed with a red face and no shoes, and dived straight into what was supposed to be my door but was really just me coming straight from running barefoot in the heat. We rehearsed and went home. The end.

I told you it wasn't that interesting.


Don said...

As long as you didn't miss anything. It would be bad for your career if, in a future stage production, you froze. Announcing to the audience that, "It's not my fault, I missed a critical bit in Meisner class" will not be accepted I bet. Or am I just being silly?

Michelle said...

Yes, it would be the end of everything if I'd walked instead of run and got there a minute later, and he'd for instance already finished his activity.

Actually that wasn't going to happen because he couldn't figure it out at all and was never going to finish it, so I arrived breathlessly and he barely noticed he was fiddling around with the origami crap.. anyway, where was I.

Oh yeah, you're being silly. I think.

Don said...

Meisner technique partners? Tsk! You just can't get them nowadays, can you!

Silly? Really? Thanks. I was hoping I was.

Michelle said...

Ah, you don't have to worry about anyone ever accusing you of being sensible. Well someone might, but if they do they're silly.

Don said...