Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just stopping by...

My goodness, I've been so busy lately! Well for me anyway. I'm still going to my classes, and getting to know the mob there better. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it's terrible but mostly it's ok and I think I'm learning something.

There's a festival coming up which includes a series of playreadings, and I'm going to be doing one, possibly 2 of them. People will actually be coming to watch that, so I'm getting out there. It's not a full on well rehearsed play exactly but I'm hoping some of that will come in the future. I actually went to a playreading the other night which some of my classmates were in, as well as some other people I've met through student films and such over the past few years which I couldn't talk to because I had to leave early!!! I had a meeting to go to, which I was actually late for. See, I told you I was busy!

The meeting was with the same film group I worked with last year, and we are making another film. It's about a couple who are going through problems and the woman is played by 3 women who are different parts of her personality, not sure what I'll be or how it's going to be filmed but it sounds interesting.

Well, it doesn't sound as bad as some of those student films I've been in, which isn't saying a whole lot really.


Don said...

I'm glad your life is more varied now, even though you post less than you used to :-)

I'm looking forward to the day (soon I hope) when I can look up your filmography in the Internet Movie Database.

Don said...

In gratitude for your stoical effort in response to my post-fest yesterday, I'm overwhelmed with affection for you, so I thought I'd slip another comment in here. It's a question: do some of your theatrical acquaintances pepper their speech with the word, "luvvie" or "dahling", or is that just a myth?

Michelle said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but we really talk much like normal people do, that is weird in a way that's not peculiar to thespians... except for maybe this Irish cat who goes on a bit.. not exactly in that way but.. well more on him later.