Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Competition

Can you guess what this ad is for? A few hints, it doesn't have anything to do with bicycles, hoodies or any type of clothing, toothpaste or feminine hygiene products.

And no cheating by looking at the source of the photo or anything, and if you think I can't tell if you've cheated then you're seriously mistaken. I have my ways.

The winner wins a date with me. You'll have to make your way to Prague to claim your prize, but there's no time limit. I'll let you buy me a beer whenever you want.


Barry Leiba said...

Since I already bought you a beer in Prague[1], I figured I'd cheat. But I won't give it away, other than to say I'm quite amazed. Geez Louise, as we would say here in the US. I was sure it was for some feminine hygiene product, until you said it wasn't.

Do we have a great society, or what?[2]

[1] Oops. As I now recall, you paid for your beer. Well, if we meet again, I'll buy you one.

[2] The answer is "What."

Kittie said...

I'll say some kind of investment/savings plan. You know I had to pick something off the wall. I wanted to say something to do with tooth whitening, but i'm sure that falls under the category of toothpaste...

Michelle said...

Barry, if I didn't know what it was when I first saw it, I'd think it was for something like that too.

Kittie.. I'm afraid not. Neither anything to do with banks or investment, the the "looked smarter" bit would leadsyou to believe something like that. And it's not for a tooth whitener.

A hint. It's for something that is considered self improvement. And it makes absolutely no sense.

Spider said...

It has to do with tooth whitening products or deodorant.

Justine said...

hei michelle, i'm using that picture in an essay (to illustrate a point and provide entertainment for the reader). i'd cite you, but then they might find my blog and i'd die of embarrassment.

but thanks :)
it really is an incredible ad. their website has the whole kit and caboodle - risk, medicalisation, commodification, informed consumers... holy crap its the motherlode!