Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Overheard in Prague..

Last night.

You're like a wee puppet on a string without a master to pull the

I didn't exactly overhear it. This was in last night's class. The funny thing about it is that we're not supposed to have conversations while we're doing these exercises. The Meisner Technique is all about stripping away all the faking it and using language to cover up what we're really feeling, which is why the total of our communication is (or should be if we're doing it properly) calling out our partner's behaviour, as in "you're distressed" and they repeat it back to you and show how they're feeling by the way they say it, like a question if they don't agree, or angrily if they feel offended etc. Either that or they mention something about you like "you're concerned", and it goes on.

What you're not supposed to do it explain yourself, try to be witty or make strange poetic statements with quaint Irish colloquialisms. Which is what this guy did. It was entertaining though. Last night most of us were kind of spaced out and the class was kind of slow going which we blame the heat for, but it was nice to finish up with something that made us all laugh.

And though studying the Meisner Technique might be great for refining one's craft, it's not that often that you get memorable quotes out it.


Don said...

Mein Gott! No poetic statements? No quaint colloquialisms? No wit? Hang on a moment... sounds strangely familiar... oh dear oh dear, you've described my blog.

Anyway, how do you feel the Meisner class is going? I mean, do you feel like you've moved on as an actress because of it?

Mr Angry said...

I would have made the whole situation worse by having a giggle fit... I don't even pretend it would have been a manly, knowing chuckle. I would have had a giggle fit.

Michelle said...

Actually everyone was laughing, we're not supposed to laugh out loud in class so we don't distract people doing their thing, so we all had to stifle it, I'm surprised the girl he was working with (the puppet) didn't crack up herself.