Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Evening in the park..

I'm off to class soon, though we don't really have class today, it's more of a sorta something like class but not class class. Both of our regular teachers are busy and we don't have the keys to our usual space, so we're meeting outside the building at a regular time and will go off somewhere.. park, pub, someone's flat... pub.. outside the studio... pub.. and do our stuff. One of our students is more advanced than the rest of us, having studied it in America too, so she'll be guiding us through our exercises, not teaching, just sort of teaching.

Not sure how much will get done. It will probably be more like a "rehearsal" which is something we're supposed to do a few times a week but I hardly ever do. I actually had one yesterday though, which was in the park. About 8 people said they'd show up but one other person aside from myself did. We went through one exercise, which was kinda lazy and short, but it was something.

So, if we're in the park again I think we'll get anything done. We're just going to have to do it in the pub.


Rustoo Hitman said...

You are learning aerobics.. thats great! :)

Michelle said...

Well it did turn out to be more active than our usual classes.. we did this game where we threw a ball at each other while saying stuff to each other.. it got kind of aggressive at times. Oh and we did some of it in the pub. I liked that bit.