Monday, May 28, 2007

Working for the weekend..

Life is hard when you're a dedicated thespian. I had to work both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. I'm worn out.

Saturday I had a rehearsal for the upcoming film I'm starring in. I played one woman's rational part. I am supposed to be all logic all the time, because two other women play the other aspects of her, the emotion and the morality. It's kind of a make it up as you go along deal, the director has the basic plot of the movie, about a couple where the woman is played by the different part of her, and we improvised the rest. We were supposed to rehearse this past Saturday and film next Saturday, but we only managed to finish one scene so far. By finish I mean come up with what's in the scene, not necessarily be ready to film it.

Of course now I'm (partially) trained in the Meisner Technique I had to argue with the director and the other actors about how we should all be playing our characters. I felt it was my duty to my art.

Yesterday I went to a meeting about the upcoming playreading I'm doing. I'm exaggerating a bit calling it work, I know. It was brief, the woman running it gave us a rundown of what's happening and gave us our scripts. I will be doing two, one on Thursday and one on Friday. I read the scripts last night and I'm not sure what to think. I'm a bit confused as to who I'm playing in the first one, there are so many characters who come and go, and only 2 described, I'm supposed to be playing "video woman" and there are characters called "woman" and "woman's voice" in parts who I think might be my role, but I'm not certain. I'm sure I'll find out. My character in the second play appears to be a child, not sure what age but it's a bit of a stretch all the same. Most of the people in the playreadings appear to be professional actors here for the Fringe Festival. The roles I have are minor ones, so I'm not terribly worried about it, though I may be later in the week.


Don said...

I think all actors and actresses are up-their-own-arse poseurs. So there! What do you think of that? Not a lot? Not convinced? Yeah, I know, I know, you can tell it's forced. I'm not very good at pretending.

Anyway, whether or not you believe it, I am interested in your thespianic development. It's nice to have someone on my blogroll who does a little more than work in an office, or bake tarts at home.

Seems to me, your life is on the up, compared to say, 12 months ago. I'm pleased for you. Really.

Michelle said...

What do I think of that? I think I'm an up-my-own-ass poseur. I admit it! What you gonna do about it? If that's too twatty for you, then you know who you can go visit.

It's fun, it makes me feel like I'm doing something, though sometimes I feel like I'd rather just bum around and do nothing.. coming up with these activities for this fucking class is getting on my nerves.. a bit of a tangent I know but that's something I'm going through now.. more on that later!!!

Don said...

Now I'm fucked, you're not supposed to agree. I'm totally disarmed. Let me think...

How about, you ex-pat Aussie cunt? Angry yet?

I'm like that sometimes, I kind of hover between wanting to do stuff and just bumming around. I thought it was just me. I should have known there'd be at least one other in Prague.

Gotta dash. Must tidy up, I'm running late.

Cheerio, you wanker!

Don said...

I can't believe I wrote that comment. You can't take me anywhere! Sorry.

Justine said...

is this the Meisner technique what Don't doing?