Thursday, May 31, 2007

Multitasking before breakfast.

Oh my the life of a working thespian is tough. I had to get up at 8:00 this morning, to do a lunchtime playreading for the Prague Fringe Festival. And I have another one tomorrow. I didn't even breakfast, except for one coffee between the rehearsal and the actual reading.

I read A Short Play About Globilization. That's the title, and naturally, it's a short play about human trafficking. I had what you would call a supporting role (or roles) and was working with some real life professional actors, which was a bit daunting, I was afraid I would suck and the woman who organizes the thing would regret ever offering me the role. I read the stage directions, a woman's voice and another small role. It was a wee bit confusing, to me if not to the audience. I wasn't originally supposed to do the stage directions but the person who was going to didn't show, as happens here in Prague so I had the work of juggling different roles, and the parts I read were in the sections that were heavy on stage directions so I had to use my skills to switch sharply from one part to another.

I'm doing another tomorrow, which is a kind of fairy tale in which I play a child. It should be challenging. Or it might just be a laugh.

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Don said...

Oh my god! Real life professional actors? Run for cover! So tell me, how do you see yourself in thespianic terms?

You having your haircut specially for the Fringe Festival? Personally, I think you look better without hair on your forehead. It gives you a noble bearing.*

*noble bearing - ooerrr! sounds a bit like a duke or duchess getting their kit off. Arf!