Friday, March 30, 2012

I need information people!!!

Once again I'm in a sort of limbo, purgatory, a halfway house of waiting...

so.. it's the usual, everyone wants to know exactly what I'm doing a month and a week ahead of time, but take their sweet ass time sending me schedules and the like, and in the mean time something else comes along that I'm too late to make requests for time off for, but I don't know yet if I am available, and I send a note to the powers that be about it just in case, and neither them, or the people who are hosting the new possibility get back to me anytime soon, while also being kinda vague about other things..

so I just don't know. I'm doing some stuff, but the other stuff I'm not sure about.

I'm not even talking about the other stuff.. that isn't even the issue here.

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