Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's good for you.. really it is..

As part of these rehearsals I've been going to for this play that's on that I'll be in, we do a series of warm up exercises. I kind of like them, while sorta not liking them, but I like that I'm doing them. We do mostly the same stuff every week, with a few variations, and I've bee trying to do at least some stretches and whatnot every day, and only this past week did I succeed in doing them every day, I think it's helping.. slowly, but it's helping.

For some reason today, when I'd finished the warm up my arms were fucking killing me! I couldn't figure it out.. the same ones we do every week but it had never been this painful.. I suppose it's all good, if it hurts it means you're doing it, but I'm just hoping that it isn't all to painful tomorrow and therefore I don't feel liked doing any exercises so I don't do any exercises and because I didn't do any exercises the one day I'll get out of the habit yes it is that easy to get out of the habit of this sort of stuff and I'll quit doing it. That's the problem here. I'm kind of determined to keep battling through this even if it's painful but determination doesn't necessarily help with me.. I mean, I'm determined now, as I sit here, writing about it...

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