Thursday, March 08, 2012

I just want my life.. er space back.

You know, I'm almost getting used to this, this 3 humans 1 cat household, as opposed to the usual 2 humans 1 cat.. I have to make myself think about it to really think about it, it's just, how it is now. After a few weeks, almost a month, maybe a month.. it feels like something just always was, and will be for a long time still.

There are times when I make myself think about it, which makes me think about it and it makes me think of the lesser problems of this situation. I mean, I think of the parts that are most bothersome, ever present even when I'm not really thinking about it, but sometimes I'm reminded of the subtle ways things changed around here. Not having my own, our own space. It stops you from doing things, or makes it more difficult when if you're me that pretty much means you won't. This is the biggest problem.. so many things.. ok, maybe one or even 2 things.. not getting done.. because.. because well.

I want things to move on.

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