Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stupid trivial stuff that really annoys me..

I used to have a bit of a series running of this sort of thing, you know, those little things that "everyone" does, or that we "all" have to deal with every day in normal life and is annoying, minor, mundane things, things that are so insignificant we would be embarrassed to write about it and seem like we're whining whiners who can't get through a day without complaining about tiny little things that kinda annoy you for a second and then you go and write anyway..

rambling on like an idiot is one, and over use of quotation marks is another..

ok those aren't what I'm focusing on today.

So, I did some shopping earlier, got my stuff, got in line to pay and the people in front of me were taking their time, #1 annoying thing, like most people I don't like being made to wait.. and they had all this stuff, and were taking up all the counter with it.. so they were done and I paid, but they were still there with all their stuff fiddling around with their change and chatting, not trying to be quick about it or anything, and I paid, then had to move on the other side of her to get my change and didn't have room to put my stuff away..

that was annoying. This in general is kind of a pet peeve. I really like to get all my stuff in a bag and out of there before the next person in line comes bearing down on me, I dunno.. I just feel like I'm taking up time and space if I'm not out of there quickly.. so, the sooner I'm done putting purchases and change and whatnot away, the better. I generally do it pretty quickly and don't have to worry about the next person breathing down my neck, not that they usually are, I reckon for the most part people don't care but I just like to be out of there quickly ok!!! I just do.

Now when someone still has all their shit on the counter, and I can't start bagging right away, it slows me down, sometimes I need to just squeeze in the corner and get the stuff handed to me straight from the scanner cos there's no room for me to stand at all... don't like that much either.

I know that people have reasons for taking a long time, they might be just.. slow for some reason, or the person before them took a long time to get their stuff out of there and I would be the breather down the neck in this case.. and that's ok, I'm tolerably ok with it all if the person can't be quicker.. it's just when they're taking their sweet ass time for no reason, they stand there while all the stuff is scanned through and only when it's all paid to they begin to slowly put stuff in bags.. or they stand there and chat and half heartedly do it, or the money thing, it doesn't occur to them until the last second that they're like, supposed to pay for this stuff and they scramble around for their wallet and then the money in the wallet.. perhaps not exactly the same thing but vexing all the same..

and yeah, that's the thing, the stupid annoying thing that bothered me today. There were some others, but I won't go into it now.

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