Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Monday.. so..

back to work, I spose. Of course, I don't have a traditional work week myself due to being employed in the tourist trade, but I am working tonight, after quite a few nights off due to rehearsals and other things like.. well, after a few nights off.

And I figured I'd blog again.. but what of? *thinks about it*

How about this? The word o' the day...
Tellurian \te-LOOR-ee-uhn\ , adjective:
1. Of or characteristic of the earth or its inhabitants.
1. An inhabitant of the earth.
We must keep in mind that we are, or should I say have become, hybrid personae, part tellurian, and part extraterrestrial.
-- Robert Silverberg and Karen Haber, Universe 3
What special affinities appeared to him to exist between the moon and woman? Her antiquity in preceding and surviving successive tellurian generations…
-- James Joyce, Ulysses
I was not familiar with that one before. *tries to think of a way to work it into daily conversation*


moshmangus said...

Hello Michelle, so I am familiar with this word in french, which is used almost daily, in english of course it sounds weird since there isn't any thing in common between the words earth and tellurian. In french earth = terre and tellurian = terrien.
What do you think?

Michelle said...

That's quite interesting.. it's funny how in different languages words that are much the same, or the same version of each other are used differently, or like this one, used very rarely if ever in one language, but often in another.. I know of quite a few examples comparing Czech and English, however I can't think of any right now.. I'll add them if I can remember them... *tries to remember one*.. er, not coming right now, but if I take the pressure off maybe..