Sunday, March 11, 2012

Productiveness.. sorta.

Another rehearsal today for one of the things I'm doing. I say one of the things I'm doing because I'm doing things, that is, things, more than one thing, thing plural.

Well.. ok, so one is a real thing and the other is only a sorta thing at the moment, well.. ok, it's beginning to look like a real thing. There are other people involved and they think it's a thing so it's thing ok.

Speaking of things, people talk a whole lot about things these days, it seems. Everything is a thing.. I mean, everything was always a thing but now they're "things". I find it interesting.

Anyway, rehearsal was interesting as usual, did some movements, expanded on my character, all that. Yesterday's meeting for our new/future "thing" was really quite productive, not so much for me but for the techno dudes doing technical stuff, it really yielded some col results, there's potential there.

Anyway it's all so exciting, all these things. Can't wait til the next thing.

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