Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just the right balance..

12 hours (or thereabouts) of daylight.. and then 12 (or something kinda closeish to that) of night. I think it works. Well that's what we should have today, it is the spring equinox (in the northern hemisphere) and well the other equinox in the other hemisphere, so pretty much everyone everywhere should be getting the same hours of light and dark.. not just us on the 50th parallel or whatever.. isn't that nice?

It's also pretty awesome that it's spring, officially.. or so they say and it was actually warm today. And I saw flowers.. little yellow blossoms, they're out. The yellow ones bloom much earlier than the others, I've found.

Happy Spring! (or autumn if that's what it is where you are, or happy another hot day if that's what it's like where you are).

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