Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back to reality

I don't know if I've written recently enough to tell anyone that I was going to be doing a playreading, an Irish play written by a woman living in Prague?

Well I've already done it. Last night. It was a reading, not a full production, but we kind of got carried away with it. Meaning there was a lot of rehearsal, it was fully blocked out, we more or less knew our lines, so other than the fact that we had the scripts, it was poorly blocked, not quite rehearsed enough or very well thought out, it was almost a full production.

I had kind of a problem with the whole "doesn't know what it wants to be" aspect of it. I mean if we were sitting down reading, it would be fine. If we rehearsed long enough to know our lines, movements and all the emotional shit inside out it would be fine (though I would have been panicking much more I think). But it was something in between. And being a reading the actual words are important, so we were discouraged from paraphrasing or improvising bits that we weren't sure about the words, and encouraged to read when we had to, but being very movement orientated, this was next to impossible in a lot of scenes.

We performed in a restaurant that has a cosy back room. An Italian restaurant actually, right by the pizza oven. We did 2 shows because the seating area was very small, and wouldn't fit all our friends, and other people that are involved in stuff like this.

The play is called Sacred Sow. It's about murder, incest, love, hate, friendship and international relations. Pretty much. I played 2 characters. Evelyn, the sister of the main dude Sean, who flirts with a Czech visitor, pretty much all she does, and Grainne, Sean's girlfriend/half sister who gets murdered by his mother. And comes back as a ghost. That's all I'm saying. I had different costumes for the 2 and had to run out and do a quick change, so people would actually get what was going on.

The performance went pretty well. At least I say that now. After the first run I really thought I hadn't done well and it had been much better in rehearsal. The second run was better in some ways and worse in others, and I left out a bunch of my text, but everyone afterwards told me how good I was, which is what they always say so it's basically meaningless, but now that I look back I think I did ok. And everyone else was good, it lifted things to a different level actually being there with an audience.

And that's it. Nothing going on now. Life is boring.

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