Monday, October 29, 2007

It goes on...

Been an interesting weekend. I celebrated a birthday, (not mine) hung out, set my hand on fire (not too badly, so nothing to worry about) wore a gold thing for a friend who designs costumes and took tons and tons of photos.

Now it's Monday, and luckily for me it's all scriptwork all the time this week, so I will be going to my class without having to worry about the usual crap. I was planning on writing a post of substance today but I'm a bad little blogger and I'm too lazy.. I might think about doing it one of these days.. maybe. Or maybe not. I'll see.

So I'm just rambling on to remind people that I'm here and not going anywhere. Later.

1 comment:

El Cuervo said...

You are way better blogger than me, so hang in there!! I saw the pictures, as always awesome job!