Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome back.. if you're around

The internets seem to be warming up again. Some long lost bloggers who I had despaired of ever encountering again seem to be reappearing. I'm guessing it's the Northern winter, it's colder, the days are shorter, and people are staying in and hanging on the computer rather than going out into the world and having lives. It's great to see! It still remains to be seen if a certain someone who shall not be named will return with yet another incarnation of his blog that has self destructed and re-invented itself many times.. but we shall see.

I feel better too. Or at least I thought so. When I woke up I felt remarkably clear and I could open my eyes. I was coughing a little but compared to the previous stuffiness and glued-eyes syndrome it was nothing. Then I kept coughing and over the day developed a violent hacking cough that is really pissing me off. Oh well.. at least it spells the last days of my cold. By tomorrow I should be coughing a little less and should be well enough to not have an excuse to not go to my class, which I'm seriously considering not going to anymore, and to do other stuff that I've been using any excuse to avoid doing.


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Anonymous said...

If you're referring to me, I recently kept a blog for three months, entitled, A Suitable Case For Treatment, and knocked up a record tally of over a 150 posts. Can you believe that? It was anonymous and allowed me to rant, rave, and be explicit in a manner I'd never dared to before, for fear of upsetting the punters. But alas, this one had precious few readers, and although I'm only a modest narcissist (relative the the big boys so to speak) it was ultimately, unfulfilling. I wish I'd let you in on it now. I'm sure you'd have been proud of me.


PS. You never know, I might resurrect an old title some time soon. If I do, you'll be the first to know. But please, this time around, try to appear interested.