Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nothing but the simple truth. As you see it... and want it to be.

There's a new information source in town, and the great thing about it is it doesn't have that liberal, anti-christian, homosexual bias that all of those others like to indulge in. This one loves Jesus, and America. It's called Conservapedia, and as you can guess from the name it presents it's information from a conservative point of view. From their front page (which looks strangely exactly like wikipedia's front page):

A conservative encyclopedia you can trust. Conservapedia has over 3,400
educational, clean and concise entries on historical, scientific, legal, and
economic topics, as well as more than 350 lectures and term lists. There
have been over 252,000 page views and over 14,800 page edits. Already
Conservapedia has become one of the largest user-controlled free encyclopedias
on the internet. This site is growing rapidly.

Ahem, growing rapidly, yes thanks to the support to some of the bigger blogs out there. Who aren't making a mockery of the whole idea at all.

Conservapedia is a much-needed alternative to Wikipedia, which is
increasingly anti-Christian and anti-American.

Oh that wikipedia. I've heard that even some of the people who write and edit entries aren't even American! Thank you conservapedia for saving us.

The most viewed entry is a page on Examples of Bias in Wikipedia, such biases include,

1. Wikipedia allows the use of B.C.E. instead of B.C. and C.E. instead of A.D.
The dates are based on the birth of Jesus, so why pretend otherwise?
Conservapedia is Christian-friendly and exposes the CE deception.

2.The entry for the Renaissance in Wikipedia refuses to give enough credit to


5. Wikipedia often uses foreign spelling of words, even though most English speaking users are American. Look up "Most Favored Nation" on Wikipedia and it automatically converts the spelling to the British spelling "Most Favoured Nation", even there there are far more American than British users.

Oh no, millions of American children are at this minute learning how to spell things wrong. As well as thinking that Christianity isn't responsible for the good stuff in the world. Better get onto correcting that fast!

So, I looked up the recent changes to see what's going on and found amongst others, the entry for homosexuality, it starts with:

Homosexuality is a sexual attraction between members of the same sex. Lady homosexuals are known as "lesbians".

Nice and factual, no biases present, and they consider lesbians to be "ladies". Very openminded. Then we move straight onto Biblical Views on Homosexuality, with a bunch of bible quotes followed by:

The biblical proof that homosexuality is wrong is the fact that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Lesbianism is also wrong, because God created Adam and Eve, not Madam and Eve. However, lesbianism is less evil than regular homosexuality, because no penises are involved.

And it's kind of hot. Anyway, it goes on about gay marriage, and "Supposed Homosexuality in Nature".

I'm sure there are more doozies out there, but there's plenty of future posts to be filled up with them. Just a note, in case you go browsing, and some of the entries sound so stupid that they just have to be a parody, then it's quite possible it's because they are, and it might take the editors to clean up the mess made by the naughty Un-american Gay Alliance who's mission it is to silence the truth.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Female gorillas are bisexual. I've seen them lick each other's cha-chas as if it's ice-cream. They're also staunch feminists. When my females get annoyed with me, they just sit on me for half an hour. I can't move until they get off!

Svennemans said...

Oh dear! Poor, poor neglected american majority! They can't write correct english as it is, and now that evil Wikipedia is teaching them that nearly obsolete version called "the original english spelling"!
BTW, found a link in there to another prime all-american source of information: CreationWiki. :D

Mouse said...

"kind of" hot?

paddy said...

Conservapedia? Well I guess they need some entries, so let's get to work, let's infobomb them with bizarre articles and keep their little editing fingers busy!

For example, I notice that they have no entry for "sex"...anybody up to a little writing challenge?

Michelle said...

I think it's already been bombed in the last 2 weeks by people taking the piss, so much that they have more strict sign up rules now, or so I've heard. You're welcome to try though.