Thursday, December 31, 2009



Ok, it's still late afternoon here although the sun went down a few hours ago so I'm not sure if it's technically evening proper but that's neither here nor there, it's time to party.

But first it's time to be responsible, which means making a list of stuff I intend to do and ways I will improve myself in the new year which I inevitably will not do, better known as resolutions. Here we go.

My Resolutions for 2010

Note: Every year I make resolutions about doing more acting stuff and getting a proper job etc etc etc which I continue to not do, and they are also things that I pretty much always have in my mind, so just take it as read that I want to do more and more proper acting stuff and get some sort of proper job or at least a proper source of income. Now we can start for real.

1. Take a self portrait every day. I've joined the 365 group on Flickr which will motivate me so I have confidence about this one. That is confidence enough. I'm almost certain it won't be possible for me to do a self portrait every single day so I'll do them on every single day I can. Let's just say I have confidence that I'll do lots. And maybe even some good ones.

2. Get up to date. I do work, sort of. I have stuff I need to do and I'm usually behind on it, completely my own fault most of the time.

3. Make those films that I have ideas for. Acting related but can be separate from the just acting stuff.

4. Get a coffee grinder. Yeah I'm running out of ideas. I've wanted a coffee grinder ever since we got the espresso maker thingy, and recently I bought a bag of coffee beans by mistake that we can't use.

That's all. Happy New Year!!

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