Saturday, December 19, 2009

That's almost it for the zany zeroes..

I think I'll call it that. The Zany Zeroes (or zeros, not too sure on that one) that is, this decade that we are still in for a little more than a week. Not sure if anyone else has used it, perhaps not, in which case I just coined it. It's fitting that it's only getting it's nickname now, usually we don't talk about decades like that until they're over, or almost over. Or maybe it's just because the decade never had a good name, like the 90s, or 80s, or 70s.. or the 60s you know what I mean. The noughts or whatever never really stood a chance.

I don't think anybody would be bothering with this zeroes crap if we were on the verge of entering a proper decade like.. the 20s.. but, what the fuck are we getting? The tens? The teens? Sounds crap, by the time the 20s come round again people will breathe a collective sigh of relief.. mine being a rather gasping, breathless one, as I'll be old then. Old! In my f.. f... fff fourties I'll be :Z

Bloody hell. It seems like just yesterday everyone was going on about millennium this, millennium that, 2000 bla bla bla and now the first decade is over. Over! In 12 days I mean. 12 days and a few hours. Actually that depends on your time zone. And it's technically 1 year 12 days and however many hours but the numbers say 9 and 10 so we like it this way better.

By the way it's freezing cold here, and very wintry.


Ronald said...

Didn't some folk call this decade the "noughties"? I thought that was pretty good.

I resent the claim that you'll be old in your forties. If that's so, what does that make me? Sob. Weep.

Michelle said...

Right.. the noughties, that's what everyone uses.. I don't know why I thought zeroes. We can still have zeroes I suppose though they're almost over..

and when I said "old" I meant.. um. Ok, I'll be quite young but not as young as I am right now. Which is not as young as I was when I was like, in my early 20s, but nevermind that, it's overrated anyway. Or so they say.

In any case, the chances I'll be grown up by then is pretty slim, so I don't have to worry about that.

Garry's Post said...

I remember reading an article in some newspaper way back when (actually, I think it was Time magazine) that had already coined the term "Zany Zeros." I've called them that ever since.