Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Still have the shell.

Not a fetching sea shell, brought back from my recent(ish) jaunts in the Mediterranean. It's a computer without a hard drive. It's been there for about a week... ho to go out and get one and put it in and get a system installed and have a real working computer.. not that this one isn't working.. just.. or that that is what would have actually happened, but the point is I was all gung ho.. and stuff.

Well.. I was until I looked up hard drives on the computer store's site and it was kind of hard so I gave up in despair. And I turned out to have less money that I thought I would but seriously.. why does everything in computerese have to be impossible for normal people to glean any meaning from? I have an old comp which will accept a hard drive with the little needly bits on the end, one the "older" type ones from before they changed them whenever that was but what the fuck do the computer people call it.. what type of "interface" or whatever is it? I don't bloody know. I ask someone who would know and they don't really understand what I'm asking but give me an answer all the same but it's one that is equally meaningless to me.

So it's still sitting there, useless.


Ric said...

Sounds like you need a parallel ATA drive; usually abbreviated as PATA or just ATA. What you Do Not want is SATA or serial ATA drive.

(I would have posted sooner, but the hotel my wife and I have been living in since last Sunday has your site blocked because it's a porn site. WTF?)

Michelle said...

They obviously define "porn" extremely broadly. I may have used the word itself once or twice in a few posts, and use naughty language at times.. ok lots of times, and even put up an occasional "artistic" photo but yeay.. porn! WTF?

Thanks for the info!

Ric said...

The same hotel flagged another blog as containing offensive language. It's written by a Baptist deacon. I hear those guys really live on the edge...

Bit more info on the hard drive that I should have included: if the connector is nearly as wide as the drive with lots of pins and connects with a wide, flat usually-grey ribbon, you've got a parallel ATA drive. If the connector is about the same size as the power connector, it's SATA.

Good luck. Sometimes I think these machines were invented to drive us all mad.