Saturday, December 12, 2009


Just as I thought.. no snow, just overcast drizzly coldness. Boring! To be fair to the world's meteorologists.. (some of them) not all the weather sites said it would snow, in fact, they all said something a bit different and were kind of vague. One said snow all day certainly, one just said "fog" another said something else but the one with the hourly updates said there would be "flurries" all night, and "flurries" during most of the day, snowfall for an hour or 2 and "flurries" again.

Guess what? Not a single flurry. Dammit, if you're gonna promise flurries I expect flurries! Yeah I'm sure a lot of normal grownup people who didn't grow up in a warm climate are pleased with the lack of flurries but I'm not them!

I want my flurries!!!!

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