Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And for the rest of us...

it's time for a holiday. This is for the ba humbugs.. those that cringe at Christmas, hate Hanukah and scoff at the solstice, or alternatively people who celebrate every bullshit holiday that comes along. This is me, the one that celebrates every bullshit holiday. The particular bullshit holiday is Festivus. In the spirit of Festivus I'll won't bother explaining it to you and if you don't know what it is fucking google it.

So, I have my virtual pole up and it's time to air my grievances to you, that is, the world. So world, here they are:

1. Once again this year, wars have gone on. Now wars are very bad things, they kill a lot of people, destroy cities, homes and livelihoods, separate families and live on in the nightmares of all who have experienced them. It's still going on, it's horrific, and I fucking hate it!

2. Poverty (see also hunger) is still around. There are millions of people in the world living below the poverty line which is kind of vague but usually defined way too low. These people are often homeless, lacking in proper medical care and hungry (see hunger again) and not even in position to think about the kind of opportunities the better off people of the world have. And this is while a very small percentage of the world's population hold most of the wealth. I don't like it at all.

3. My socks never match! Just how the fuck does it happen that every time I take my socks out of the washing machine I end up with an odd number of socks, and out of those I get about 3 pairs, at least one of them which is pushing it, and 7 odd socks left over that just won't match up no matter how much I try? What the fuck world?

4. I have no money. Ok I have some but I always seem to be short. Ok, I don't have a proper job and am not going hugely out of my way to get one, and the business that I sorta do I sorta do very half heartedly but still!

5. No acting roles. Ok I was in a few student films but not too many and nothing better. Once again.. ok, see #4 I haven't bothered so much but you'd think one of these years I'd get "discovered" just by existing and not really have to work for this, I mean, it's supposed to be sort of like magic right? That's how it happens in the movies!

6. What is up with computers this year? I could go on about this and in fact have, but one computer continues to refuse to work, ok one did, the one I replaced it with wouldn't take my hard drive and would only take one installed with some patched up version of Linux which was good for practically nothing, and then that hard drive was taken away and has so far been replaced with nothing, and the other is old and slow and keeps giving me that hourglass thingy.. it's fucking infuriating!

7. Really bad things are still around. I know I covered some of it with war and poverty, but there's still other terrible things around, in this day and age, like inequality, bigotry, continued degradation of the environment and all sorts of things I should be paying more attention to but am distracted by things like socks, but still I really really really don't like these things and I think they should stop.

And that's it. You can't say I didn't tell you world. Shall we wrestle now?

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