Friday, December 11, 2009


It's going to snow.

*gets all giddy and stuff*

I know a lot of regular grownups don't really like the snow.. something about it being wet and slushy and accompanied by really cold weather, but I'm neither normal or all that grownup, and from Australia where it just doesn't snow, ever. Not where I'm from anyway.. and though I haven't been there for quite a while now, childhood conditioning stays with you, I'm silly about the snow, still, even though I've lived through early spring where it's still freezing cold and there's a thick layer of ice on the ground. And it's early winter and at least 10 months since I last saw any. By April I might be sick of seeing it. Of course we might not get hardly any this season, and it probably won't snow tomorrow after all. Oh well. Happy Channukah all the same.

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