Sunday, December 20, 2009

Posh iz us.

We went to dinner at a fancy schmanzy place last night. It went well, despite our history of cockups whenever we try to dine above our station. It was a christmas present, so perhaps that's why we were allowed just this once...

The place was on the Old Town Square, and we walked though in the evening, stopping and gazing, and snapping pics of the christmassy, wintry magic, the bigass tree that's all lit up, and crushing through the hoardes of people hanging about, surprisingly or unsurprisingly considering it was more than typically freezing.

We walked into the restaurant and were stopped a few times, asked for reservations etc, and I kept getting the feeling that we would be asked, extremely politely to leave, but we handed over our printed out email and waltzed in. Seriously, we literally waltzed. Ok not really but it turned out most people were dressed in jumpers and comfy trousers. I thought for a second that this is something new that posh people do, go to dinner dressed like they're hanging out in their living room and dressing in nice shirts and stuff is a sign of being riff raff, but no one seemed to care either way.

Nice dinner, complimentary champagne, 2 first courses and some nice things with eggplants and goats cheese. If anyone considered it undignified to photograph our dishes, I didn't notice. There was music too.

We enjoyed it, and got out unscathed. Of course when we hit the -12°C outside it felt pretty scathing but that was experienced by everyone posh or common, I reckon.

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