Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kay, that went well.

I am now the proud owner of a discarded shell of a computer. An old computer with no hard drive.. and there's a hard drive out there that has a bunch of my stuff on it that I cannot access until I get the next round of stuff done (read, get anything done).. there's also another bunch of data that is trapped on an inaccessible hard drive but that one's here, it's just inaccessible (refers reader to previous comment inferring that naught is getting done).

So now I have to get a hard drive, like buy a hard drive. Like I have the first clue how to do that. Well I do, I even have a place that's supposed to be good for those sorts of things. After that I need to get it installed with some system thingy and I will have help with that but I'm not sure a new version will work well on this old comp with not enough ram so I might have to continue struggling with the one I've been "using" (yes I say that in it's broadest possible sense) the one that's a hodge podge of different.. er.. systems and and old version of Linux that doesn't even have Midnight Commander. If you can believe that.

Anyway.. I'm strangely and quite stupidly optimistic as if there's the slightest chance that I'm a) going to actually get my ass out and get this thing soon, b) that fixing it to the comp is going to be without incident and c) well... that the whole thing is going to turn out to be as unfathomable to me as all the rest has been and d) that it just won't happen which is covered by the other points but I think it's worth mentioning in a point of it's own... as it won't happen. You'll see.

Still, I'm quite looking forward to going down to techland and looking at all the goodies and knowing exactly what I want and bringing it home and making it work and getting the system on and getting it online and downloading and installing all those programs and having a working computer, that'll be cool.

So it went pretty well.

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