Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Bloody computer bloody crap bloody fuck it to fuck.

Ok not this one, although it's doing it's working annoyingly slow and freezing up often which I've almost become desensitized too except for when it pisses me off but I'm talking about the other one. The one that I got to replace the other one that died mysteriously with a hard drive (on loan) which was installed with Linux which I couldn't for the life of me make head or tail of and which the adaptor thingy I had wouldn't operate on so I wasn't online.

So, I finally got an adaptor thingy which works on Linux and waddaya know... you need to go through all sorts of fiddly building kernels and long lines of text and bla bla bla fuck it to fuck for fuck's sake.

So we invite a friend over, ok so he comes over so we can all go bowling because it's my birthday and we're gonna bowl and drink and whatever but he comes over and during the time he's there we casually accidentally mention that we got the adaptor thingy and can't figure out for the life of us how to make it work.

He gets on the comp... fiddles around. Decides he doesn't know how to configure it or whatever but stays on looking up what we got there, doesn't recognize the version and tries to bring up Midnight Commander.. and fry my knees like a flounder... there is no Midnight Commander on the system.

Well.. I was flabbergasted. Ok so I'd never heard of this jazz before.. but apparently it's on every single system there is, not just Linux or Windows or whatever it's on everything so it doesn't matter that this is a sort of custom made Linux-esque operating system because they simply all have Midnight Commander.. something like that anyway. Except for this one of course..

He fucked around a bit more, but the only thing he could discover is that it isn't a standard Linux version it's a sort of custom made Linux-esque operating system... and didn't know how to work this one. So he fiddled around more on it but the sun was going down, and the end of cheap hours at the bowling alley was becoming nearer and there was only one response to this.

Fuck it dude, let's go bowling.

So he fucked around on it a bit more.. we tried the line again, in fact a few times because there really aren't enough opportunities in real life to use that line and have it make sense in the current context, unless you're someone who goes bowling a lot which we aren't.. and finally we went bowling.

So now.. oh, here's the best bit, the dude who the hard drive is on loan from now really really needs it back and is coming to get it tomorrow, and here's the better bit, I have a bunch of stuff on there, photos and whatever, and being lazy, penniless and clueless about all things computer I haven't done anything about it and it's pretty much stuck there. I could transfer them over to this comp but get this... and this, wait this is the best bit, there isn't enough room on this comp for it all, or even a significant percentage of it so fuck knows what now.

I think I'll take up bowling as a regular thing. Or maybe drinking Oh wait...

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