Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's an hour later than it is..

or at least it was early this morning some time.. I think. Or earlier depending on what part of the world you are if those parts of the world, or not at all, because not everyone does it, and not everyone does it now.

So we get an instant extra hour of daylight this evening, which should be nice but it's overcast and probably going to rain anyway, so what's to enjoy? Doesn't really matter, this weekend is pretty much a wash, and I have more unfortunate things to look forward to early in the week. Today will involve a lot of lifting, carrying, sorting and resorting and tomorrow will be more unpleasant meetings with important like landlord folk, having to explain missing keys and what to do with 02 boxes. And sweeping, and lifting, carrying, sorting, resorting and figuring out where to put stuff., what to do with the stuff that isn't claimed.

All this is really beginning to annoy me.


Ric said...

I am fortunate to live in a place that does not jerk their clocks back and forth for no discernible reason.

Michelle said...

I kind of like it, at least I like getting an extra hour of daylight when I'll be using it, ie the evening as opposed to before 6 in the morning.