Sunday, March 15, 2009

A bit more detail..

Unless anyone is still listening.

I went snowboarding yesterday, for the first time ever. I got up at 5am, got ready and our friend drove us up to the north of the country where there are mountains with a couple of other dudes that were going along to ski.

I took lots of photos on the way. I didn't take my camera with me to the slopes but Erik had his on him, which I manage to get out of his clutches and used more than he did, a fact that might not be so interesting, but is somewhat relevent when speaking of me.

So, he taught me a few moves, as he knows this snowboarding jazz a bit, having worked a season at a ski resort, but I couldn't grasp it. Actually I couldn't stand up on the fucking thing. After a while I managed to stay up for a second but fell on my ass as soon as I tried to move. I kept at it and managed to slide down the hill half getting up but falling back over immediately.

I had a rest while he went up onto the big slope, and I nicked the camera from him and took a bunch of photos, then we went to meet our friends at the lift at 10:00. They never showed up, so I went back up to the tiny beginner's slope, but an even flatter bit. Then I managed to get how to do it, and I kept improving and moving up the hill just slightly every time. After about an hour I mastered the tiny slope, and the very small but not as tiny slope.

Then we went home. The end.

No, then Erik went up to go down the big people's slope again, and I stayed with the cam to get some photos of the hotshots coming over jump, I succeeded a couple of times in getting a decent shots.

At 12 we met for lunch. Me and Erik anyway, we waited and waited at the cafe/bar/lodge thing at the bottom of the hill, and they didn't show up. He called the driver a couple of times but he had his phone off. So we waited. No one showed up but finally he got through to him, and told us he was back at the car, and the other dudes were waiting for us at the ski rental place.

So we trudged off, not really remembering where it was but knowing the general direction. We got held up by cars stuck in the snow but were there in reasonable time. They were gone, and the rental dude told us our "friends" had just left 2 minutes before.

Now we just had to find the car. This one was more difficult, we walked through town, across the bridge, back again then called again. We were told vaguely where the car was and then wandered around aimlessly some more before finding it. Of course, they whined at us for taking so long.

We drove back, stopping for lunch, where most of us had duck. It was pretty good.

That's about it.


Barry Leiba said...

Ahhhhhhhm OK.
I did wonder why your ass hurt. But then I just figured that this was probably something between E and you, and I shouldn't ask.......

My ass hurt, as well, the first time I tried snowboarding. And I decided to stick to skiing after that.

Michelle said...

Yeah, I was wondering whether I should go ahead and say that.. peopl were sure to get the wrong idea.. but I did, and now you all know the story so everything's well and good :)