Monday, March 16, 2009

And the saga still continues..

This time yesterday I was looking forward to this time, I would be relaxing, peacefully. I won't go into too many details about what the saga entails, but I was meant to say goodbye to a friend today, who is leaving after many years, who'll I'll miss but I want to get this over with so I can move on with things, and then have a meeting with some ex landlord people which I want to be well and truly over.

I was hungover this morning after the mandatory sendoff. Our friend drove us, and was to come back later so I'd have a lift home. We were there early so we hung around. Ate and drank, walked around. We were having a beer when his flight was called, and I guess still when the everyone was boarded. When the last call showed up he went to the gate so we did the big goodbye thing. I walked off.

My meeting had been bumped up half an hour, but I still had time to get back, I waited for my friend. Waited, waited.. waited. I send him a message and he called saying he thought I wasn't going with him and he'd already driven off.. so I walked up to the bus stop just as a bus was leaving..

anyway.. I got the next bus and it looked like I would get back just in time. Road on the bus, then the metro.. I got a phone call while I was in there but I couldn't here anything.

Shit this is getting long.. well to cut a long story short, he missed his flight. I missed my appointment, so we need to do both again tomorrow. This is getting really fucking annoying. And I'm tired.

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