Sunday, March 01, 2009


I'm not feeling well today. I drank too much yesterday. I'm obviously well enough to sit up and type now, but earlier I was just... blah.

Friday night was ok, the music was nice, it was a bit long bla bla bla. I was going to write about it in more detail yesterday but I was drunk instead.

I never learn. I know how drinking like this affects me and when I'm like this I fee like I'm never going to want to drink again, but I get over that, so I have a drink, and after having a drink I think it's a good idea to have another one, then I rapidly follow it with another, when I get it into my head that I would like to have yet another. And so on. It never turns out well.


Ronald said...

I had the same problem with drink. Nowadays It's biscuits. Seems like one compulsion can only be replaced by another. I shall try to replace them with pure thoughts.

Michelle said...

That's a very noble goal. I applaud you.