Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some stuff

So Cooley is now post-op. Soon after writing yesterday Erik came home, put her in the cage which she submitted to with a minimum of fuss, we took her on the tram to the vet, during which time she was calm and quiet, introduced her to the vet, who Erik informed that Cooley doesn't have a positive reaction to strangers handling her, and suggested she give her the shot before taking her out of the cage, but she said oh no, we have to weigh her... so the cage door was opened, Cooley taken out, and then she flipped. She ran around the room trying to escape, climbing the walls, literally climbing the walls! It's amazing how far up the wall she managed to get, more than once, and hiding in whatever little hole she could.

They caught her, managed to give her an injection to calm her down, and were able to proceed from there. We went off for an hour and came back when it was done. Everything went fine, though we learnt that Cooley is too fat, apparently, which made the operation slightly more difficult. It was hard to see her, eyes open and glazed though asleep, with a stitched up stomach, but that's what they do. We took her home, she slowly came to. Today she's been groggy and I think in pain. She's recovering slowly. Not too happy with us at the moment.

In other news. I made bread. Actual bread this time, not at all like rocks. It was satisfying to have everything seem to work every step of the way, which might have something to do with using actual yeast this time... don't ask. Anyway, dough rose, the bread rose, baked and it tastes good so I'm pleased.

And one more thing. Why do they always have the cool words on the days that aren't word o the day days? And always on the weeks where I did the word of the day with some mediocre word? Well today's (yesterday's now actually) is peculate, which means to "appropriate fraudulently". Not that that explains it much better. Still like the word.

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