Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Believe me it's for your own good.

It's a big day for my adopted kitty Cooley. In just under 2 hours she's going to visit her first Czech vet. She's being "fixed". She's already an adult kitty, and the reason it hasn't been done before is mostly due to Erik needing to take her to the vet, and what would have been the convenient time for this, to get injections and papers and all that for her move here, then he was moving her here, then they were settling in and then we didn't really know of a vet, or feel such a pressing need to find one.

But after a particularly long spell of horniness, followed almost immediately by another, he got a recommendation for a vet from someone at work and made an appointment for 19:00 today for "fixing". It's supposed to be good for animals, and at very least it will alleviate (hopefully most) of her suffering when she's in heat, and I would be lying if we aren't concerned about our own suffering during those bouts.

The preparations started last night when we had to take away her food, a decision that wasn't so popular, but she coped. I had to come early today to remove her water, and by now she's pretty hungry and vocal about it, and was a bit taken aback when, instead of giving her food just now, I took away her water.

Still, apart from the occasional outburst, she seems to be taking it all pretty well, and doesn't seem to have any idea what's in store.

Just under an hour now we have to put her in a cage, get on a tram that takes us halfway across the city where she'll meet a new person who will poke and prod her and do whatever it is these vets do. Fortunately she'll be asleep for most of it, but I can't imagine she'll find the directly before and after bits too pleasant.

Poor kitty, but it really is for her own good. Or so "they" say.

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