Friday, June 01, 2007

And she did it again..

Or should one say.. one did it again.

Another playreading. This time the Mutant Cat read the part of Yesica, a little girl. Actually a little brat, well worse than a brat really, an evil little imp is more like it. The play is in the style of a fairy tale, but a modern one, for grownups and it's on the sick side.

The play is set in a forest and centers around 2 girls/young women who go looking for their dog in the forest and come across a young, studly forrester/hunter.. something like that. They both seduce him and have sex with him.. not at the same time and screw with his head, and argue and are generally mean and nasty with each other. The little girls are supposed to be them as children and they treat their father in a similar nasty way.

If it doesn't make so much sense it didn't when I was reading it either. It was fun playing a brat, and the whole thing is a bit over the top so I overdid it, piping up petulantly being mean to my sister and father. It would actually be a fun one to put on for real, with all the actions and sets and stuff. It's quite a violent play.


Justine said...

that sounds so fun. Weird plot, yeah.
I read the plot to Wagner's Walk├╝rie recently - that was fully wierd too. I had no idea it was so incestuous. I just liked the loud music...

Mr Angry said...

Now THAT sounds like art! Theatre would be way popular if there were more plays like that being put on.