Sunday, January 06, 2019

An update..

Already. Really just popping in to say... that stuff, you know the things I was really going to do this year? Well I never really wrote down a list or even decided exactly what it would all be but, I think I've done some of it. That includes writing on this blog "more regularly" and I'm already writing for the second time this year after six days. If you're wondering if that's the entire reason for this post's existence well yes it is. So there's one. And a bit of some others too. So not bad so far. Ask me in a week though.


Ronald said...

Yay! I feel giddy with excitement, it's as if I've over-dosed on you! :)

Congrats on gettin' yer finger out and making a start :)

I've missed you.

Michelle said...

I'm glad someone appreciates my hard work 😸 or whatever it is I'm doing here.

Seriously though, it helps to know that there's at least someone reading.. not that I mind raving on to myself and the air, but it's slightly more fun id there's someone else there.

So thanks 😎

Ronald said...

I'm widja on that one. I consider myself to be relatively self-contained, needing few friends, but I hate the thought of unacknowledged comments whether in real life or online. So yes, it's good to know one is not invisible, and also fun to share :)