Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Why Hello

And Happy New Year. It's 2019, the very early part of it and it's this very early part of the year when one is all determined that this will be the year where you do stuff. That can be stuff in general or a particular thing that is a subset of said stuff. In my case it's both, I totally intend to do stuff this year and lots of it, all the while knowing deep down that I won't, at least not all of it or as much of it as I'd like. Still, one intends. The particular thing I intend (but deep down think I won't really) to do is this, write, here on this blog. Just at all, or more. Really it's not that much of a resolution you'd think I should be able to manage it. Pitiful. *shakes head at self*.

Here is me, during last night's/this morning's revelries.


Ronald said...

Fucking hell! Tis you.

What a great pic! Happy new year to you.

May the stuff you do bring satisfaction.

Michelle said...

Thanks! And a happy new year to you. And same, about the stuff, good luck with everything.