Saturday, December 07, 2013

And she does it again!

I fucked it up again. I failed to post for one of the days in the group of days I had, yet again intended to post during. I made it all the way up to the 6th, or the 5th however you look at it. Still more than I managed in the calendar month o November which I failed at earlier, still, pretty poor showing. In my defense I am a complete an utter wastrel, a layabout, a complete and utter failure at life and a general waste of space who is unable to get oneself to complete the most modest of tasks. And my monitor buggered up. I did have other computers to use but you know when everything you're used to isn't there and stuff isn't the way it usually is and everything gets out of whack? Yeah that. And the other thing I mentioned.

I don't know if I'll continue powering forward with it like I did in November, posting most days of the month. I don't really have anything to write about like, ever. I'd prefer to write only when I have something to write, which is never so, make of that what you will.

It snowed. We woke up to a white morning. Not a super snowy scene but it was the most we've got so far this winter, so I took photos out the window of course, and lost my lens cap for that. Quite a trivial event but one that vexes me all the same, between that and the monitor I'm beside myself. Well, quite vexed would cover it.


Ronald said...

For what it's worth, look at my output... or lack of it!

I'm unable to get past the belief that every single utterance of mine, is pure horse-shit, not worth a damn. It's so bad I find it difficult to comment too!

Maybe Santa Claus will make things better for you.

* hums "White Christmas" to try and get in positive mood *

Michelle said...

oh that Santa... if only he'd listen to me properly and bring me the long long list of things I want and need and should have, both material and, um, indefinable.. well, maybe '13 will be the year.

oh and your writing (what there is of it) is totes awesome, don't ever think otherwise!!!

Ronald said...

I could give you some bullshit stuff, like, "follow that dream", or, "never give up and your dreams will come true", but I suspect you'd not be impressed with such advice. Anyway, truth is, from my perspective, you have an enviable lifestyle, living in one of the worlds great cities, with your cat, bf, dodgy plumbing, and drinking haunts. It's like a scene from a Henry Miller book (my hero). You also author the longest-lived blog in the known Universe (and probably elsewhere too). And as if that wasn't enough, you're easy on the eye too!

See what you get when you say nice things about me? [thinks: that'll teach her]